Day 5: Shampoo & Aloe Vera

On day 5 I was advised by my clinic to start using shampoo and aloe vera to clean my scalp. It’s important to use a gentle baby shampoo, as usual shampoo would probably be too harsh.

As you can see, I stocked up on cotton buds, pads, balls and pleats, but I find the cotton buds and pads most useful.

My personal technique is to dab a small amount of baby shampoo between two cotton pads, and then gently pat the surface of the skin, while being very careful not to press too firmly or rub, especially with regard to the recipient area. I then use a spray bottle containing tepid water to rinse it off.


After this, you can then use aloe vera to help the healing process. Using the syringe I squirt it between two pads and gently dab it onto both the recipient and donor area.

This process must be repeated morning and night until day 14, however at day 7 you may then start to rub the areas rather than just padding softly.

Tomorrow’s topic is swelling!