Month 12: Final Result!

Well… it’s now one year since I travelled to Hasselt in Belgium and underwent a 2600 FUE hair transplant with Dr Feriduni. It’s crazy how fast the time has flown! I’m happy to announce that the procedure was a success and I’m incredibly satisfied with my “final result”. Here is a recent picture:


Some patients note changes beyond the 12 month mark, so I will continue monitoring my hair and update if there are further changes.

While I’ve blogged in detail about my progress during the year, I haven’t discussed how my hair transplant has made me feel. After having a hair transplant, it’s astonishing how quickly you forget anxieties about your hair; they diminish such that one day you recall it in much the same way you would a bad dream. As my hair has grown, my worries have diminished. No longer do I consider the rain and wind enemies, and no longer do I check the mirror at every given opportunity to check that my receded hairline is not exposed to the world. Emotionally, it has been a transformative experience, giving me more confidence to face the challenges in my life and achieve my goals

I want to thank you all for your continued interest in this blog and for all of the positive feedback I’ve received. By coming here and interacting with me, you encourage me to keep doing what I’m doing, which is providing impartial information about my experience to people who are in the same position I was in. So often men fall victim to an industry that takes advantage of our insecurities, and I believe that the only way to tackle this is by sharing our experiences.

Finally, I am travelling to see Dr Feriduni in Hasselt at the end of this month for a review of my procedure. I am considering asking some reader questions whilst I’m there, assuming he agrees. With that in mind, if there is anything you’d like me to ask, either about surgery in general or with a view to your own hair transplant, please prepare your questions for me to take. In addition, I am planning an anniversary photo shoot, as well as video and other content to really show the result close-up in high-definition, as I know how scarce that material is. I’m also looking forward to moving beyond my own personal experience, as this blog has now met, and even exceeded, its initial goals.

Comparison: Month 1 vs Month 2.5

Day 74: Every Day Is Progress

I’ve had a lot of requests for an update. I’d planned to do one at month 3 but progress is fast so I thought I’d post one now.

The hair in the recipient area is growing and thickening up very nicely. The native hair is still somewhat longer and fuller but a capable hairdresser should be able to address that. A hint of pinkness lingers in the recipient area so I continue to apply aloe vera.



Month 2.5: Donor Healing

I’ve just had a haircut today so I thought I’d take the opportunity to show you how well my donor area has healed. There is still a slight pinkness to the skin but the healing looks very good.


Month 2

Day 60: #Selfpic

I thought I’d share a selfpic of how I look at Day 60. My native hair has grown back quite a lot, and the newly transplant recipient area looks kinda fuzzy.

Of course, it’s still very early days, but I’m encouraged by my progress and will hopefully be able to rely less on my cap within a few weeks.

Week 7

I’m now at week 7 since my surgery in Belgium with Dr Feriduni.

Thin hairs in the recipient area are beginning to sprout. While it looks thin at the moment, remember that most of the recently transplanted hair ‘bulb’s are lying dormant. I anticipate that more hairs will emerge in the coming weeks and months.

The recipient is still quite pink so I continue to use aloe vera every day.

P1040072 P1040075

Week 6: The Ugly Duckling Phase

It’s been about a month since my last update, and it’s really flown!

I’m now over 6 weeks post transplant and have taken some photos to share my progress. As you can see, the redness in the recipient areas has subsided and the transplanted hairs have now almost totally fallen out. Now I really know why this period is popularly called the ‘Ugly Duckling Stage’. I expect it will be another month or two before I see any new growth, so patience is very important at this point and I’m reliant on caps.

Week 2

It’s now two weeks since I had surgery with Dr Feriduni in Belgium. I’ve taken some photos to show my progress. As you can see, the recipient area is healing nicely. Most of the scabs have fallen off during the last few days, and the skin has a healthy pink tone.

As anticipated some of the Follicular Units (FU’s) have fallen out, so the density of the recipient area does not quite match that of the native hair – and that will remain the case until new hairs begin to grow through. This is to be expected, as at this stage, hairs in the recipient area begin to shed, paving the way for newer, stronger hairs to grow in their place.

Healing in the donor area has been very fast; any sign of surgery is fading quickly. FUE really is extraordinary.

Day 10: 10 Day Review





I thought I’d compare where I stand at day 10, over a week on from Day 2 when I returned home from surgery with Dr Feriduni.

As you can see, swelling has dramatically reduced so I don’t feel like the elephant man anymore! Scabs have started to form in the recipient area which will soon begin to drop off. Finally, my native hair is growing back in and around the recipient area.

I will update again at week 2.

Day 9: Vitamins & Keratene

When you’ve invested so heavily in a hair transplant, you soon wonder whether there’s any value in helping hair growth along in the form of dietary supplements. I asked this question during my consultation, and was recommended Vitamin B Complex, Biotin and MSM. I raided my nearest Holland & Barrett and found the following. ImageThe Biotin is a 2000% RDA formula, and the Vitamin B Complex is high dose too. I also added ‘Perfectil’ which contains zinc and selenium, as well as other nutrients to maintain healthy skin, hair and nails. I’m not sure if any of this will make any difference, but I figure it’s worth a shot.

I’d also run out of aloe vera, so was happy to see it is widely available in pure form. Mine also contains a little Tea Tree oil, which acts as a natural antiseptic. Not really necessary at this stage but can’t harm. I was also given Keratene Serum and Keratene Shampoo from my clinic, which have been developed specifically for FUE/FUT patients. The serum hydrates the recipient and donor area to aid healing, and the shampoo is a biological hypoallergenic formula, for dermatological care of the scalp.Image