Month 8: Photoshoot

I had these photos taken around November – apologies for the delay in uploading them. As you can see, my hair is a lot longer and I’m able to style it as I did pre-op, however now I have a full hairline so I don’t need to conceal my receded hairline by growing my hair longer or using a concealer. Any anxieties about rain and wind are a thing of the past, although I’m still loyal to tubs of styling clay and hairspray. So what do you think?

Keep an eye out for more updates, especially in view of my one year anniversary which is only a month away!

Month 7: Some Snaps

It’s now 7 months since my surgery with Dr Feriduni in Belgium. I’m now beginning to enjoy the returns of the investment in my hair transplant. As you  can see in the photos, I am enjoying my social life again and happy to feature in an occasional photo 😉


Month 6: Half Way!

My 6 month update is finally here! Thank you all for your patience and I hope it was worth it!

As you can see, I have come a long way in my hair transplant journey now. My transplanted hair is undetectable from my native hair, as it has grown thicker and longer. In addition, Dr Feriduni has created a very natural hairline, as I wished. Please feel free to leave any feedback in the comments or email me if you have any questions. Bonus: I’ve arrived at month 7 and will be adding more photos within the next few weeks.

Month 3: Photography

I arranged a photographer for my Month 3 update so that I could share some high quality photos. I’m thrilled with how my hair is progressing. The hair in the recipient are is beginning to look indistinguishable from native hair and any lingering pinkness in the donor area is almost gone.

I am excited to see how month 3 and month 6 will compare.


Comparison: Month 1 vs Month 2.5

Day 74: Every Day Is Progress

I’ve had a lot of requests for an update. I’d planned to do one at month 3 but progress is fast so I thought I’d post one now.

The hair in the recipient area is growing and thickening up very nicely. The native hair is still somewhat longer and fuller but a capable hairdresser should be able to address that. A hint of pinkness lingers in the recipient area so I continue to apply aloe vera.



Month 2.5: Donor Healing

I’ve just had a haircut today so I thought I’d take the opportunity to show you how well my donor area has healed. There is still a slight pinkness to the skin but the healing looks very good.


Month 2

Day 60: #Selfpic

I thought I’d share a selfpic of how I look at Day 60. My native hair has grown back quite a lot, and the newly transplant recipient area looks kinda fuzzy.

Of course, it’s still very early days, but I’m encouraged by my progress and will hopefully be able to rely less on my cap within a few weeks.

Week 6: The Ugly Duckling Phase

It’s been about a month since my last update, and it’s really flown!

I’m now over 6 weeks post transplant and have taken some photos to share my progress. As you can see, the redness in the recipient areas has subsided and the transplanted hairs have now almost totally fallen out. Now I really know why this period is popularly called the ‘Ugly Duckling Stage’. I expect it will be another month or two before I see any new growth, so patience is very important at this point and I’m reliant on caps.