An Update

You’ll be forgiven for wondering where I’ve been hiding the last few years. In truth, I felt I had successfully spread awareness about FUE surgery and come to the end of my “journey”, so to speak. However, I have come to appreciate that male pattern baldness is progressive, so when you commit to surgery you should be aware that you will probably need further procedures. A good doctor will always make you aware of this, particularly if you are young, but until we experience it for ourselves, I think we are inclined to be optimistic.

Sometimes patients return to surgery to repair bad work. Thankfully that’s not been necessary in my case, in fact 20% of Dr. Feriduni’s casework involves correcting other doctor’s work. That said, I’m not immune to the progression of hair loss, particularly as I don’t use finasteride. Consequently, I returned to Belgium for another surgery a few years ago to “fill in” hair that I lost behind the “new” hairline created by Dr. Feriduni back in early 2013. Fortunately, I took some photos once the “full result” had grown in which you can find attached to this post.

I would like this blog to evolve into a chronicled account about how hair loss progresses over time and how best to address it. I will therefore update you when I inevitably return for more surgery to address further loss in the mid-section and the crown- which is now also starting to thin.

In recent years I’ve noticed countless clinics popping up and infiltrating my Facebook feed with dubious promotions. Please proceed with caution. A few tips:

  • Research, research, research! Check that your doctor has the right qualifications, knowledge and experience.
  • Make sure that the team supporting the doctor is well-established.
  • Ensure that your surgeon is a member of an internationally recognised association.
  • Check out the results of past patients. A good doctor will proudly post their patient results online either on their website or on forums. An example of a recent case by Dr. Feriduni is here:

Any questions, drop ‘em below and I’ll get back to you.

Month 12: Final Result!

Well… it’s now one year since I travelled to Hasselt in Belgium and underwent a 2600 FUE hair transplant with Dr Feriduni. It’s crazy how fast the time has flown! I’m happy to announce that the procedure was a success and I’m incredibly satisfied with my “final result”. Here is a recent picture:


Some patients note changes beyond the 12 month mark, so I will continue monitoring my hair and update if there are further changes.

While I’ve blogged in detail about my progress during the year, I haven’t discussed how my hair transplant has made me feel. After having a hair transplant, it’s astonishing how quickly you forget anxieties about your hair; they diminish such that one day you recall it in much the same way you would a bad dream. As my hair has grown, my worries have diminished. No longer do I consider the rain and wind enemies, and no longer do I check the mirror at every given opportunity to check that my receded hairline is not exposed to the world. Emotionally, it has been a transformative experience, giving me more confidence to face the challenges in my life and achieve my goals

I want to thank you all for your continued interest in this blog and for all of the positive feedback I’ve received. By coming here and interacting with me, you encourage me to keep doing what I’m doing, which is providing impartial information about my experience to people who are in the same position I was in. So often men fall victim to an industry that takes advantage of our insecurities, and I believe that the only way to tackle this is by sharing our experiences.

Finally, I am travelling to see Dr Feriduni in Hasselt at the end of this month for a review of my procedure. I am considering asking some reader questions whilst I’m there, assuming he agrees. With that in mind, if there is anything you’d like me to ask, either about surgery in general or with a view to your own hair transplant, please prepare your questions for me to take. In addition, I am planning an anniversary photo shoot, as well as video and other content to really show the result close-up in high-definition, as I know how scarce that material is. I’m also looking forward to moving beyond my own personal experience, as this blog has now met, and even exceeded, its initial goals.

Month 8: Photoshoot

I had these photos taken around November – apologies for the delay in uploading them. As you can see, my hair is a lot longer and I’m able to style it as I did pre-op, however now I have a full hairline so I don’t need to conceal my receded hairline by growing my hair longer or using a concealer. Any anxieties about rain and wind are a thing of the past, although I’m still loyal to tubs of styling clay and hairspray. So what do you think?

Keep an eye out for more updates, especially in view of my one year anniversary which is only a month away!