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  1. Will do Chris. Your HT so far looks good. Hope all goes well for you.
    I have my consultation with Dr Feriduni this weekend in London and shall be using yours as an example.

  2. Dear friend,
    First and foremost congratulations. I hope and pray you grow well and reap the full benefits. I am 23 years of age, turning 24 in a few months. I am currently a norwood 2 and it seems my hair loss is taking a similar profile to yours. I have a few questions and I would be greatful if you can help answer them.
    Firstly, when did you hair loss become noticeable to the effect you could not hide it by styling it?
    how much did you pay per unit graft?
    Waa there any indication for a nees for a future HT?

  3. Hithere! COngrats for your procedure, it looks amazing. I am planning to have my HT with doctor Koray in Turkey in July. Your blog is a great help and I would like to thank you for that and wish you a quick recovery with lots of new hairs!!!

  4. Hi mate, congrats on your procedure and thanks for writing all this up. I just had a question: how far in advance is it usual to contact Dr Feriduni? For example, if I decided I wanted one now, how busy is his schedule typically? If you could give me an idea I’d appreciate it, thanks.

    1. Hi and thanks! When I was booking late last October, I was quoted dates in April and a few in February, so I’d say 4-6 months. Appointments can free up early if there are cancellations, but there is usually a waiting list. How did you find my blog by the way? Curious how people are finding it!

  5. Hey, just sitting in my room following a procedure with Dr Feriduni myself and come across your blog. Almost identical procedures so this is a great indication of what I have in store, in particular the next few days!!

  6. quick question , your hair seems to be thick and grow fast , my question is , when did you really see the hair growing and the thickness coming back ? after 3 , 4 , 5 or 6 months?i mean when did you look at yourself in the mirror and said who ah !! its growing back 🙂

      1. that is what i was wondering perfect 🙂 anyway your hair and procedure looks great !!
        i had an artas fue procedure 1800 graft and its been not even 2 months 🙂 that is why i was asking i am waiting for that 4 months stage 🙂

  7. Hi your HT looks amazing

    I recently had one done and my areas seemed to stay red and Im at 1.5 months.

    I developed a REALLY bad reaction to the procedure int he temple region where hair was transferred to non populated areas. It was a bad case of folliculitis like a nasty infection.
    Just curious if you experianced anything like that in your time?

    Im a bit concerned it may have affected the follicles in the area as pretty much ALL the new hair shocked out (with some old hair) and I don see anything new yet.


  8. Hello. I think your surgeon has done an absolute wonderful work. Congrats. I am of Norwood 4-early 5, planning my FUE in the coming months. I have a question regarding Finasteride…I understand that you told the doctor that taking fin was not an option. Most doctors put the patient on fin after surgery for at least a year. Were you asked to take fin and did you ?

    I have decided to opt out of taking finasteride, once my FUE is done. I am not sure what kind of implications that might have on the old as well as the transplanted hair.

    Hoping you can shed some light on this. Thanks


    1. Hi Val,

      Thanks for your nice words.

      I was not asked to take Propecia by my doctor, although I was aware of it as an option.

      If you are taking finasteride now and you have stabilised loss with it, then you may lose that ground unfortunately. The transplanted hair won’t be affected, as the transplanted hair is taken from a zone which is resistant to DHT – the hormone that causes hair loss.

      I hope this helps.


  9. hey,

    great blog and up to date progress reported by you. congrats on the great hair transplant.

    i got an FUE done with around 2200 grafts.

    i want to ask that after almost 40 days now many grafts are still in place (i.e in the recipient area). will they necessarily fall off or do they sometime remain in place and grow normally ?

    wishing all of us a healthy hairline :o)


    1. Hi Neo,

      Thanks for your kind comments! The hairs should all fall out of your recipient and new hair will grow in behind, although it may take some time.

      Wishing you a healthy hairline 🙂


  10. Did you take Finasteride? On this blog you say you didnt and wasn’t an option.
    I thought I saw you say on hairlossnetwork or somewhere that you did take it (thats how i found this blog).
    Can you clear this up

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