My name is Chris and this is a blog about my hair transplant with Dr Feriduni in Hasselt, Belgium.

Ever since my teens I’ve had a slightly raised hairline, however during my early 20s I just considered it “mature” and didn’t worry about it too much. When I got to my mid 20s, I noticed my hairline receding more, to the extent that it became difficult to style. I began cutting my hair shorter, however this dealt a massive blow to my confidence and eventually I decided that I had to do something about it. My baptism into the hair loss world was imminent.

My hair loss affected me quite badly, although I was relatively fortunate to reach my late 20s before it became a big problem for me. Towards the latter part of my 20s, I cleverly styled my hair to disguise the receded areas, and did this so well that many people wondered why I even thought a hair transplant necessary. However, beyond the illusion lay my recession, and the rain and wind would often betray this secret.

I had limited success with the ‘big 3’ approach, and realised that my confidence would always be veneer thin unless I took further action. I wanted hair surgery. After a great deal of research I decided to place my trust in the hands of Dr Feriduni and his experienced team.

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  1. Hi Chris,

    I am currently in the same situation as yourself a few years ago. I have been in contact with dr ferudini and I was just wanting some feedback off you. Are you happy with your transplant, did you consider any dr’s in the uk? And also if you could change anything what would it be? Many thanks alan bunting

  2. Hi Chris,

    I am 25 years old and have been receding since 18. Recently its accelerated quite a lot. Thinking about starting “the big 3” but I have read lots of horror stories about propecia. Do you still take it? If so what dose would you recommend and do you get any side effects? Also if propecia doesn’t work out for me, is it wise to get a transplant when I am not slowing down my hair loss with medication?

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