An Update

You’ll be forgiven for wondering where I’ve been hiding the last few years. In truth, I felt I had successfully spread awareness about FUE surgery and come to the end of my “journey”, so to speak. However, I have come to appreciate that male pattern baldness is progressive, so when you commit to surgery you should be aware that you will probably need further procedures. A good doctor will always make you aware of this, particularly if you are young, but until we experience it for ourselves, I think we are inclined to be optimistic.

Sometimes patients return to surgery to repair bad work. Thankfully that’s not been necessary in my case, in fact 20% of Dr. Feriduni’s casework involves correcting other doctor’s work. That said, I’m not immune to the progression of hair loss, particularly as I don’t use finasteride. Consequently, I returned to Belgium for another surgery a few years ago to “fill in” hair that I lost behind the “new” hairline created by Dr. Feriduni back in early 2013. Fortunately, I took some photos once the “full result” had grown in which you can find attached to this post.

I would like this blog to evolve into a chronicled account about how hair loss progresses over time and how best to address it. I will therefore update you when I inevitably return for more surgery to address further loss in the mid-section and the crown- which is now also starting to thin.

In recent years I’ve noticed countless clinics popping up and infiltrating my Facebook feed with dubious promotions. Please proceed with caution. A few tips:

  • Research, research, research! Check that your doctor has the right qualifications, knowledge and experience.
  • Make sure that the team supporting the doctor is well-established.
  • Ensure that your surgeon is a member of an internationally recognised association.
  • Check out the results of past patients. A good doctor will proudly post their patient results online either on their website or on forums. An example of a recent case by Dr. Feriduni is here:

Any questions, drop ‘em below and I’ll get back to you.

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