Month 12: Final Result!

Well… it’s now one year since I travelled to Hasselt in Belgium and underwent a 2600 FUE hair transplant with Dr Feriduni. It’s crazy how fast the time has flown! I’m happy to announce that the procedure was a success and I’m incredibly satisfied with my “final result”. Here is a recent picture:


Some patients note changes beyond the 12 month mark, so I will continue monitoring my hair and update if there are further changes.

While I’ve blogged in detail about my progress during the year, I haven’t discussed how my hair transplant has made me feel. After having a hair transplant, it’s astonishing how quickly you forget anxieties about your hair; they diminish such that one day you recall it in much the same way you would a bad dream. As my hair has grown, my worries have diminished. No longer do I consider the rain and wind enemies, and no longer do I check the mirror at every given opportunity to check that my receded hairline is not exposed to the world. Emotionally, it has been a transformative experience, giving me more confidence to face the challenges in my life and achieve my goals

I want to thank you all for your continued interest in this blog and for all of the positive feedback I’ve received. By coming here and interacting with me, you encourage me to keep doing what I’m doing, which is providing impartial information about my experience to people who are in the same position I was in. So often men fall victim to an industry that takes advantage of our insecurities, and I believe that the only way to tackle this is by sharing our experiences.

Finally, I am travelling to see Dr Feriduni in Hasselt at the end of this month for a review of my procedure. I am considering asking some reader questions whilst I’m there, assuming he agrees. With that in mind, if thereΒ is anything you’d like me to ask, either about surgery in general or with a view to your own hair transplant, please prepare your questions for me to take.Β In addition, I am planning an anniversary photo shoot, as well as video and other content to really show the result close-up in high-definition, as I know how scarce that material is.Β I’m also looking forward to moving beyond my own personal experience, as this blog has now met, and even exceeded, its initial goals.

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  1. Congratuations Chrisis!! I have been a great fan of your site and am happy to see such an amazing result on a fellow hair loss sufferer.

    I myself am booked for a procedure at December at feriduni’s clinic and after seeing such an amazing testimonial really eases my mind to leave my head to dr feriduni haha.

    Anyway, hope you are having a high quality of life today and never have issues with hairloss for a long time to come πŸ™‚

  2. Great results Chris,

    Question though, have you noticed hairloss in the non-transplanted areas yet? What are you using to maintain the hair that you have? If only CB-03-01 was out, you’d be set for life.

  3. I just found yr blog and loved it. Thank u for sharing yr experience so openly & honestly. I’m a woman and live in the US, and just got FUE 2 weeks ago. The receipient & the donor sites are still a little sore but I think everything is healing well overall. My biggest pain point is the shock loss πŸ™ As a woman, caps r not always an option, esp at work! So wind & rain are still my enemies. Your end result looks fantastic n I can’t wait till I get there! I tried minoxidil in the past but didn’t like the sticky feeling it left on my hair. I started trying John Masters Organic Serum and I like it so far but can’t really comment in its effectiveness. Do u recommend going back to minoxidil? How are u continuing to care for the new hair? Thank u again!

    1. Hi MSAM,
      I apologise for the delay and hope you’re getting on well. If you can tolerate minoxidil then it’s good to use it. I am fortunate that my hair loss seems to have stabilised, so I just use a very simple regimen, and I condition with oils such as coconut oil and argan oil.

      I hope this helps!

  4. I am 21 years female from INDIA. I have a big forehead from birth. Now i have lost even more hairs in hairline due to Ponytails and pulling of Hair (Traction alopecia) I guess.
    I look like a 30 year old when I am only 21. I don’t have confidence at all. I want a natural and permanent results. I have a good hair. But lost much hair in Hairline.
    I would like to do a HAIR TRANSPLANTATION. Will it look natural? I have a pretty long hair.. Should i shave my head during my procedure πŸ™

    1. Hi Appu,

      Yes, many women have had FUE hair surgery, just like men. It is possible to get U-FUE (unshaved FUE), so you don’t necessarily have to shave.

      Contact me via email if you need any more help πŸ™‚

        I have fixed my appointment for visit to doctor on September 6th and planning for operation on end of SEPTEMBER or first week of OCTOBER.. As i have to attend my first College Reunion..
        Hope My surgery goes well.. FINGERS CROSSED!!!!!!
        Thanks in advance..

      2. Hi, just wondering what the price was for ur 2600 grafts as that’s the amount I need and the surgeon in Ireland quoted me 5,300

  5. Hi Chris,
    Does the hair grow back in donor area where the hair is extracted???
    Does it never grow back.. Will send u my pic, can u tell me roughly how much grafts i will need..

  6. Hello. I really appreciate your blog but I find the update you did a step back for us to see the progress. We used to see all the days and photos on one page. Now we have to click on each update in order to see the content of that specific one making everything more cumbersome.

    1. Hi, thanks for your feedback. I agree that it’s more difficult to navigate the blog now. Once I’ve made some changes could I get your opinion? Chris

        1. Hi Gus,

          I added a menu to the home page and plan to roll it out to the entire site so that you can quickly navigate. I realise that’s not as simple as having it all on one page, but do you think it’s better?


  7. Hi

    I had FUE done 3 months ago. The tiny transplanted hairs are still present on my scalp. Can someone please tell me when these will start growing?

    many thanks

    1. HI Ali, hair growth usually starts around 3-4 months after surgery. If you’re at month 3 and haven’t noticed any growth, hang in there.


  8. Hi Chris,

    I wanted to sincerely thank you for setting up this blog. Myself and others really appreciate the time you’ve taken to do this.

    I see that you do not take Finasteride. Unfortunately, I cannot take it either. Do you take any alternative medicine? What is your current hair maintenance regime? And do you have a plan if you lose more hair in the future. You’re hair looks perfect at the moment.. the way I want mine to look!

    Thanks again,

    1. Hi J,
      Thanks for your comments sincerely appreciated. You’re right, I don’t take finasteride and I am currently not using anything else either. I considered various topicals but I’ve read about side effects with those too. Happy to help if you have any further questions!


  9. Hi Chris,

    I love your blog. I’m a young guy whose been experiencing hair loss for 3-4 years now. I’m around a NW 2 and I’m 22. I’m wondering, how old were you when you had your surgery?


  10. I’m one month removed from FUE of 1843 grafts. My hair seems much thinner than before surgery and non-transplanted hair is really slow growing back. Maybe shock loss as my procedure was for dense packing only?? I’m wondering if you had to same issue and how long before things get better. I know it takes a yr or more for final result. I just thought my non-transplanted would come back more quickly.

    BTW, I’m very impressed with your results and thanks for the awesome blog!

    1. Hi Rob, 1 month is really nothing. Most of your hair will be in telogen (resting phase). If you look through my blog you’ll see it’s a process that requires patience. Hang in there!

  11. Hi Chris,
    Just a quick one – what do you use these days to maintain your hair and prevent loss? Any topicals or particular shampoos? Still using biotin, B vitamins and perfectil?

    Many thanks

    1. Hey Tim, I use Nizoral a few times a week. I take a good supplement stack for overall health that covers zinc, biotin and B vitamins. I hope this helps!

  12. Hi Chrisis.

    Fantastic results well pleased for you mate.i to had a procedure done well a couple to be exact,here in UK. I see your from Newcastle the same city as me, would be nice to meet in person to compare our hair hts.

  13. Chris:

    Congrats on your transplant.

    I need your advice: Do you think you could have gotten as good a transplant without shaving top of your head? I’m an actor and want to be able to get back to work within 2/3 weeks, hopefully without anyone knowing about the transplant. Is that realistic? If I didn’t shave the top of my head would my native hair cover it? My hair loss is very similar to yours. Maybe slightly worse in temples. I assume I’d have to use concealer like Toppik too. My challenge with getting a transplant is I can’t disappear from work for five months before the hair has all grown in. Suggestions?


    1. Hi James

      Unshaven FUE is quite common now, but it’s decided on a case-by-case basis. If your hair loss is similar to mine and you absolutely cannot shave down, then I’d say it’s possible.


  14. Hi Chris,

    I just wanted to thank you for an excellent website!
    I’m one month out from a 3900 graft FUE procedure, and am currently shedding some hair.
    Your pictures and comments are giving me consolation on my current situation, and hope that things will improve somewhat in the not too distant future.
    I’ve read numerous comments online about people shedding their hair post operation, in advance of it happening to me, but it still kinda sucks when you get there!
    I feel like a bit of a numpty at the moment, but look forward to feeling completely different in a few months time πŸ™‚

  15. You inspired me to go through my FUE, I’m on day 1, and I look like “hell raiser or Freddie Kuger” but I know the end result will be worth it.

  16. Hey Chris, thanks a lot for the blog.

    I also had a HT with feriduni recently and so far im quite happy of how things are going.

    I was wondering how are you doing at present regarding hair loss and the HT result? Still looking like month 12?

    1. Hi Dalton

      I’m glad you’re happy with your experience! I’m doing well thanks, time has flown since my “final result”. Some updates will follow on this blog, so keep an eye out πŸ™‚


  17. Hi Chris, amazing results just had mine 3400 graft done before 5 days. Was wondering best ways to maintain the non transplanted Hair.
    You mention taking multivitamin is that enough

    1. Hi Umesh, I would recommend you talk to your clinic about options. I am not using any other methods to maintain my hair, personally.

  18. Hey Chris, hope things are going well. How is the hair looking these days? Any chance we could get a possible update?

  19. Hi chris, could i ask you a quick question. How is your hair looking after the transplant. as in have you experienced more loss? I am planning on doing a hair transplant next year. i am just concerned how it will look in 5 -10 years. cheers

  20. Are you sure, you had hair folicles extracted from the back of your head (~donor area)? I looked at it the second time now, and I dont see a thing πŸ˜€

  21. Hi Chris,

    I found your blog really interesting thank you, I’ve been looking at FUE clinics all over and it seems to be that Belgium and Dr Feriduni are very possibly the best option, would you agree? I’m a 23yr old male from Newcastle as well funnily enough and would love to pick your brains regarding redness etc and your overall experience with Dr Feriduni if possible? He’s taking priority right now! Out of interest, why did you opt out of Finasteride?

    1. Also, what sort of waiting period were you looking at between the initial consulation via email etc and the surgery?

    2. Hi Stephen, nice to hear from a fellow Geordie πŸ™‚ It sounds like you’re doing all the right research, and it’s leading you to the same conclusions as me. I’d be happy to discuss everything in more detail if you’d like to email me privately,

  22. Hi

    Hope your well. Congratulations on your hair transplant. .it looks really good.

    I’m thinking of going to turkey for a hair transplant . ..can I ask how much you paid for your h.t and did you meet people that had it done with Dr feriduni before you traveled to Belgium?


    1. Hi Sham

      Thanks for your comment! Please email me directly for information about pricing: I didn’t personally meet anyone before my surgery, but perhaps it could be arranged if that’s something you wanted to do.



  23. Just wanted to say thank you for having such a great and thorough blog documenting your hair transplant journey. I’m day 2 following my own FUE transplant and I’m really glad to have found your journey as I prepare for what’s to come. Fantastic results!

    May I ask if you’ve cut your top hair at all during the first year? I’d be interested in knowing how much growth to expect. I have long hair (female) and plan to cover the hairline area with bangs after the grafts are secure.

    Many thanks.

  24. Hi Chris, fantastic results.
    I am now 7 months from my 3th FUE hair transplant, and growth is slowler than before procedures…
    Did you see a difference from 7-12 months ???


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