Month 8: Photoshoot

I had these photos taken around November – apologies for the delay in uploading them. As you can see, my hair is a lot longer and I’m able to style it as I did pre-op, however now I have a full hairline so I don’t need to conceal my receded hairline by growing my hair longer or using a concealer. Any anxieties about rain and wind are a thing of the past, although I’m still loyal to tubs of styling clay and hairspray. So what do you think?

Keep an eye out for more updates, especially in view of my one year anniversary which is only a month away!

13 Replies to “Month 8: Photoshoot”

  1. Great Result, Mind sharing at which age did you have this procedure performed? Because you look very young it looks like it has worked well for you which makes me contemplating doing one myself (: .

  2. Great blog really appreciated and very helpful, as I was a bit nervous about getting fue treatment. know after seeing your results wich are excellent I’m defiantly gonna get it done. Don’t mean to be rude but how much did it cost as I’m considering goin to Belgium too ?

  3. Thank you so much for sharing these and your timeline video. I had an FUE done 46 days ago. I find I go back to your timeline video to compare my results. It makes me feel on track. You look great. Very handsome.

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