Month 7: Some Snaps

It’s now 7 months since my surgery with Dr Feriduni in Belgium. I’m now beginning to enjoy the returns of the investment in my hair transplant. As you Β can see in the photos, I am enjoying my social life again and happy to feature inΒ an occasional photo πŸ˜‰


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  1. Great pictures, you look terrific and your blog story is inspirational. I have used it to advise my new clients about the technique and the results it has achieved for you. I’m going to feature a couple of your latest pictures on my blog and I’ll give a link back to your fueblog. Congratulations and I look forward to seeing the pictures in March.

      1. Good on you mate!

        Will probably be a few years before I get mine done (funds and personal preference) but let me say your blog has been inspirational- cheers

  2. Ace! Fantastic results, both on your hair and with your lady friends! I had my FUE about 2-3 months after you. I am in the states and healing nicely, got past the ugly duckling phase, and I am happy with my results thus far, it is already denser than my original hairline. Thanks for being brave with your blog.

    All the best,


    btw, have you read up on the research underway with pgd2 blockers;Dr Cotsarellis and dermatologists at the University of Pennsylvania conducted a nice research and the hair loss forum boards are on fire because of the findings. Some key words to google: topical Cetirizine, Ramatroban, Indo/Chromo (all topicals).

    My Fue surgeon was Dr. John Diep out of Los Gatos, California. Excellent technique and great youtube uploads of his before and after work. But he is very much a ‘surgeon’ and does not keep up with the latest topicals besides the big 3. I would like to hear from a hair MD their input on cases like ours; post FUE patients that want to maintain and regain hair density and growth with these new cutting edge topicals.

    My resources:

    1. Apologies for the delay Pete and thanks for your comment! I am very interested in any latest research concerning new topical hair loss treatments and will investigate your suggestions.

      Let me know if you find anything interesting out as I’m very keen to hear.


  3. Hi chris.ur results are booked in with dr feriduni just over two weeks away and am deffo gonna mention I would like same density as you.he prob knows of you quite well now..I was wondering if I could ask u couple of questions if u don’t mind..just before u went in did u have many questions for dr feriduni.i know dr f does all incisions,and at all correct angles of existing hair for natural look.but when technicians place grafts in these incisions,are these angles easy for them to see,through scopes.i m worried I might insult him with these questions….and secondary during your operation,did they extract the right amount of grafts first if I’m right saying,do they might place all grafts,and if need more to finish off,will extract few more rather than space them out I would rather pay more to get good density…??? As its clever how they know exactly how many single hairs etc are needed for hairline,by measurements….I hope these questions make sense…..I’ve also stupidly got holiday booked for 9 days after transplant,and worried bout wearing cap so soon,as to damage soon did u go out with a cap etc….thanks for putting urself out there to help people like me who are quite nervous.and again,hope ur very happy with ur outcome so far..take it easy..speak soon….gas

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  4. Hey, I stumbled across your blog and your results look really good, I’m really considering a transplant, you know what ferdunis rate is? Thanks j

  5. Hey Chris,

    Excellent result! πŸ™‚ Your hair is looking fantastic. I am booked in with Dr. Feriduni in a few months – a decision which was largely inspired by your story. So a big thanks from me for documenting it like this.
    I have one question: Is it me or is the final hairline design a little higher than the line that was drawn in by the doctor? If so, why is this?



    1. Hi Justin,

      Thanks for your kind comments. You are right that the hairline was drawn a little higher, but to account for future loss we erred on the conservative side ever so slightly. Hope this helps, and be sure to discuss your own design thoroughly with Dr Feriduni when the time comes.

      Let me know if I can help any further.

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