10 Replies to “Month 4: Selfie”

  1. Looking good Chris! really starting to get thicker. May I ask if you are using any concealers to make it appear more voluminous? Excellent progress!

  2. I’ve just read what I wrote again and interpreted the wrong way, it might of come across a bit harsh! I’m simply impressed with your progress and think it looks great so far- you must be very happy with the progress to date

  3. Hey Chris. I got my hair transplant done at exactly the same time as you, although your hair has grown quicker than mine it seems. I have noticed when I wash my hair, even now, some surrounding hair follicles seem flaky when wet, the skin under these hairs goes a bit white, however when dried, it goes away. Have you noticed anything like this?

  4. So, I am a bit curious what the results are like today. I noticed it’s been two months since the last update. I can only imagine how good it must look right now.

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