Month 3: Photography

I arranged a photographer for my Month 3 update so that I could share some high quality photos. I’m thrilled with how my hair is progressing. The hair in the recipient are is beginning to look indistinguishable from native hair and any lingering pinkness in the donor area is almost gone.

I am excited to see how month 3 and month 6 will compare.


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  1. looks great mate! specially the donor section looks nicely blended in. May I ask If you are applying rogaine/ minoxidil to your recipient are and if so, when did you start. I had 2000 FUE done here in the state with dr John Diep, I am about 3 weeks post procedure and would like to know if topical medicine for hair growth is helping you out.

    Best wishes.

    1. Hi peter, sorry for the delay! Have you started re-applying the minoxidil? I restarted minoxidil foam in the recipient after about a month. I have read it’s safer earlier, but I decided to wait the full month.

  2. Looks pretty good already. Just curious, how many grafts were used and what was the cost of the procedure? Also, did anyone in your social environment notice you had a hair transplant? (those you didn’t inform of the procedure beforehand) I’d imagine so, especially with the redness the first few weeks.

    1. Hi Ask, I had around 2600 grafts and the cost was around £8k. I took some time off work and when I returned wore caps. I don’t think too many people either noticed or cared.

      1. I’m a similar age & also having 2500 grafts in April but over a wider area. Really interesting to see the recovery period in detail! I’ve booked two weeks off work and was hoping the redness would be minimal but after a lot of reading online i’m guessing its something that can’t be avoided! I’m also using minoxidil & wasn’t sure when it could be used again. Great blog – thank you!

        1. Hi C21, thanks for your comments! The redness will persist for a few months, but regular use of aloe vera gel will help!

          You can start using minoxidil again a week or so after surgery. I waited a little longer to be on the safe side.

  3. Amazing! Just over 3 months and you have such great results. Do you still have any numbness or loss of sensation in your recipient area? Thanks, Steve.

  4. Hi, fantastic results! Congratulations, and thanks for sharing! Im trying to work out my post op schedule, and I was wondering if you could be a little more specific with dates/times. We are of a similar age and complexion, and I will be getting a similar procedure, so I think it will be helpful. My question: this is “month 3”, but how many days is that approximately? “Month 3” could be between days 60-90 so this could be day 65, or if you are giving a general “after 3 months” it could be 90 or even slightly more. Sorry if this is an annoying question, Im just trying to thoroughly plan and prepare as best as possible. Thanks!

    1. Hi Peter,
      I checked the details on those files and they were taken on June 2nd 2013, so it would have been day 98ish, i.e. just over 3 months after my surgery (Feb 25th).
      Hope this helps.

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