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  1. Wow, what a difference 3 months makes! How long did it take for the redness in the recipient area to fade away? I am at the 40 day mark and it still is quite red and have to wear a hat.

  2. Looks like the hairline has recovered well. I am curious though, you seemed to be getting pretty good results with Minoxidil, why did you still go for the hair transplant? Or did you hit a dead spot with Minoxidil?

  3. hey Chrisis,

    I have been following your case closely and let me tell you at three month mark it looks very good. at month 6 or 7 you will be norwood 0 :D. I have one question for you. you can either email me the reply or reply here , doesnt matter. I am also thinking of getting a hairline restoration. i am 31 and never really had a hair line since i was 17. i always used to comb over temples (which is still what i do 14 years later) it has receded a litttle but nothing major. so i m still norwood 2.(bit less receded than your pre op ).but i really want to have a solid hairline(especially since i can not buzz with receded temples cause i can not comb over it and as you know buzzed hair cut with muscles are in for time being :D). my search has brought me to the following two doctors for fue: bisanga and feriduni. did you ever consider bisanga? what swayed you more toward feriduni? One thing i admit is that it looks to me that hairlines are nicer looking with feriduni (but he uses more grafts generally). So i appreciate it if you could let me know. it might be a great help to me as well.


  4. Hi Mate, Im from the North of England also looking to get a hair transplant – can I ask why you went to Europe for it? is it better or cheaper than places in the UK? Or was it another reason?

    1. Hi Joe, I picked Belgium as my destination for surgery because the quality of surgery is very good. I considered the UK but did not find any doctor suitable for my situation unfortunately.

  5. Looking good already! I’m trying to figure how my hairline compares to yours…. is there any chance of taking a tape measure and measuring from the top of your eyebrows to your hairline. In the middle and at both corners? Maybe even comparing to the old hairline.

    Some days I think mine looks bad, others it seems fine. It’s hard to tell.

  6. Hi, I really like Dr. feridunis work. I’ve seen his results on patients and it’s really impressive stuff and your case shows the consistency of his work. I just got one question for you, how did you deal with the ride back home? Like did you wait in Belgium for a few days until you could wear a hat and then head home? I would think the process of traveling for a hair transplant would be uncomfortable traveling especially like through costumes or somewhere they might ask you remove your hat or something? Idk Lmk what you think though about this and what you did, thanks.

    1. Hi

      I waited in Belgium after my surgery for a couple of days then travelled home wearing a bandana. Customs may ask you to remove any head covering, but it is quick and people are too pre-occupied with their own journey that it’s not too bad. Plus you’ll never see any of those people again 🙂 if you have unshaved FUE it’s possible to conceal the work a little better too. Let me know if you have any other questions at chris@fueglobal.com.


      1. Clinic will provide a letter saying that due to surgery bandana is worn for protection,this can be shown to customs and they will not bother you.most of the times,just saying “it’s for medical reason/can’t remove it because I had surgery” will be enough and they will ket you go.I’ve done this 2 times.
        I definitely don’t recomment removing the bandana just because custom/border control asks me to.not only it’s embarrassing and strange looking but you will also risk damaging the grafts removing and wearing the bandana again in that situation.

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