Week 2

It’s now two weeks since I had surgery with Dr Feriduni in Belgium. I’ve taken some photos to show my progress. As you can see, the recipient area is healing nicely. Most of the scabs have fallen off during the last few days, and the skin has a healthy pink tone.

As anticipated some of the Follicular Units (FU’s) have fallen out, so the density of the recipient area does not quite match that of the native hair – and that will remain the case until new hairs begin to grow through. This is to be expected, as at this stage, hairs in the recipient area begin to shed, paving the way for newer, stronger hairs to grow in their place.

Healing in the donor area has been very fast; any sign of surgery is fading quickly. FUE really is extraordinary.

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  1. What the ..! Your donor area. Wow! There is literally nothing to see. I am German and I did some Mini-Fue into a scar on top of my head..and you can see those white dots more clearly than yours 😉

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