Day 2: Return Home & Complications

On day 2 post op, I returned to the clinic for the final time, with all of my bags ready in order to go straight to the station. My scalp was treated by the staff once again and I had roughly 30 minutes to address any remaining questions. I was given Keratene serum and shampoo, and a memory stick containing photos.

I insisted on a photo of me with Dr Feriduni!


If everything sounds perfect so far, a reminder that my condition was still very fragile awaited aboard the train. I removed my bandana to apply vitamin E spray and my friend noticed bleeding. Upon inspection of the bandana, a strand of hair indicated that I’d lost a graft. I sprayed the area affected with finisitil and panicked somewhat, but was able to communicate with the clinic via email, and was reassured that I’d taken the right action and should not worry if it’s just one lost graft. The threat of losing more grafts gave me the courage to spend two hours in London waiting for my connection to Newcastle, without a bandana. I was very aware of people looking at me, but could not justify losing more grafts for the occasional curious glance.

I eventually caught my train to Newcastle, and was extremely relieved to arrive home, where I intend to remain for about another week until I’m confident that the grafts are safe.

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  1. I got mine done in Istanbul and on day two flew back to London. I refused to put on a hat the clinic gave me for my travel home. Written across the hat was the name of my excellent doctor and in bold letters “HAIR TRANSPLANT”. That gave me the courage to not wear a head covering on my way home. The clinic did still have the last laugh because the head band they put on me to stop the swelling from dropping did say ‘HAIR TRANSPLANT’ on the back!

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