Day 0: Physical Consultation

I woke very early after a restless night on Monday morning and as per pre-op instructions, ate a light meal of fruit and yoghurt at the well stocked hotel breakfast bar. The clinic have their own taxi driver who is very reliable, and picked me up at 7:50am promptly. I arrived 10 minutes later at the clinic to be greeted by Cristian, a charming young man who is very personable. Cristian guided me to my private room and provided some documents to sign and information about the day ahead. I chose my lunch, opting for a cheese sandwich, and given a painkiller and some scrubs to put on.

After a short time, I was taken to my doctor’s office. I scanned the room, taking in the books on shelves and tools associated with hair loss, which provided confidence that he was a man devoted to his craft. He struck me as a warm and caring person. He has a good sense of humour and photos of his young daughters on his computer desktop background revealed a family man, which I found endearing.


During the consultation, we discussed medications I was taking and I made it clear that finasteride was not an option for me. Photos were taken for documentation and diagnostic purposes, which revealed very minor miniaturisation at the crown. I was already aware of this, however seeing the weak hairs in microscopic detail has given me a sense of urgency to start using minoxidil on the crown as soon as possible, rather than just at the temples. I asked Dr Feriduni about the benefits of using Acell, and he gave a mixed opinion, that it may work but the jury is still out. I decided against, but was offered it without cost and naturally I agreed. It seemed that Dr Feriduni was keen to maximise the potential of my surgery, and that if something like Acell might work, then we might as well give it a try.

Dr Feriduni asked to talk about my expectations and hopes in terms of my full result. I handed over an iPad, onto which I’d uploaded photos of famous men whose hair I admired, such as Miguel Velosa (Portugeuse footballer), as well as photos of younger versions of myself. I was then taken a mirror and, using a special ruler that helps measure dimensions and symmetry, my new hairline was drawn. The ruler wraps around your head in a manner akin to masquerade ball attendees, rather than those preparing for surgery. I was satisfied with the first hairline, so he used a surgical pen to mark it more permanently. I was then prepared for surgery!


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  1. Hi your whole blog of your hairtransplant is excellent and great information for someone like myself who is considering fue . Thumbs up FairPlay my friend how much did the procedure cost ?

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